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Doctoral Gown PhD gowns

Doctoral Regalia

Pictured Above: Deluxe Ph.D. Gown
with Ph.D. blue velvet and Gold Piping

Click on above picture for more doctoral robes and doctoral regalia items such as doctoral tams and academic hoods.

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Graduating Students, Parents, and Faculty Members:

Caps Gown stocks a large selection of traditional student highschool elementary school and kindergarten commencement regalia - graduation caps, gowns, and tassels IN-STOCK year round, for quick delivery of your last minute emergencies.

Are you a faculty member tired of renting and rerenting each sememster? Looking for a quality doctoral gown, doctoral tam or graduation hood that will last!?

From fully custom made-to-measure academic gowns, to our famous deluxe regalia (custom quality graduation gowns at a fraction of the cost), faculty quality academic regalia, to traditional student graduation gowns, we can handle all budgets and qualities desired.

Our selection includes K-12 (kindergarten, elementary school, middle school, and high school) caps and gowns, plus bachelors, masters, and doctoral graduation gowns, hoods, tams, mortarboards and tassels.

Looking for commencement gift for your favorite student or teacher? Caps Gown also offer graduation accessories such as keychain tassels, honor stoles, honor chords, diploma covers and the like.

Academic Regalia - Cap and Gown gift certificates are also available.

Academic regalia by CapsGown dot com


We specialize in caps and gowns and other graduation regalia items for students and faculty members, such as

  • Doctoral regalia (doctoral gowns, doctoral hoods and doctoral tams);
  • PhD regalia (PhD gowns / PhD robes, PhD hoods, PhD tams);
  • Master's Regalia (master's gowns, academic hoods, and caps including master's tams);
  • Bachelors Graduation Cap and Gowns ;
  • High School Graduation regalia (caps and gowns for high school students, including honor chords, honor stoles, tassels, jumbo tassels, diploma covers), and
  • Preschool Graduation gowns, caps, tassels and diploma sets for kindergarten students.

For more information about our line of caps and gowns, or any of our academic regalia - graduation regalia items, e-mail us at or call us 412-422-GOWN.


cap and gown masters cap and gown

pictured above: doctoral robe, tam, and graduation hood

Doctoral Robes

pictured above: Master's Cap and Gown

Masters Gowns


cap gown caps and gowns

pictured above: preschool graduation caps gowns and tassels sets

Kindergarten Graduation regalia

pictured above: high school caps and gowns, honor chords, honor stoles

High School Graduation Gowns. Honor chords, Honor Stole, Cap and Tassel


For more information about our academic regalia including doctoral regalia (doctoralal gowns, phd gowns, doctoral - phd hoods; doctoral - phd tams) masters caps, gowns and hoods; or bachelors cap and gown sets and all other graduation items for students and faculty, including prices and availability, click on the appropriate link (above or below), or e-mail us at      


Academic Tams and Tassels Cap and Gown ordering information

Academic Hoods

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